Polished Metal Pedestal Side Table

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Beautiful light reflecting elegant side table made for those chic rooms where anything goes with everything.  Because that’s what this stand does.  It can complete your entrance hall, bedroom, landing and lounge/dining area. 

It can be a fruit caddy in a kitchen or a jewellery stand in a shop. It is the timeless must have for every household. 

  • Stunning attention to curved detail makes this a classic elegant piece.
  • Sits well next to your mantle, TV stand, sofa or bookcase.
  • A brilliant prop for stage décor.  Excellent as a money/plaque caddy for events such as weddings, henna parties and baby showers.
  • A good idea for those small lobbies/seating areas that need a magazine/book rest or a place to set a dish of mints.
  • Ideal for shop floor décor.  Display frames, jewellery, of pair of designer heels or your prized handbag. You just can’t go wrong with a piece as versatile as this.
  • Tea for two? Don’t trouble yourself setting a dining table. Set your petite desserts and Hors oeuvres with tea cups on this. It’s enough for two and your guest will appreciate the touch of class.
  • Although a high quality sharp silver, the base has been smoothed. It won’t damage your tiles or wooden flooring and is small enough for you to transport easily from each room so you can have it handy when you need it.